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Here you can find out what we've been up to. where we've been, who we've seen, what we've been eating and much more. Send us an email with a pic if you've seen us and maybe we'll add you on here too!

Wishing you a great time ..... Dec 15th 2018

Jumping Bean and Kitch Catering wish every one of you the best Christmas this year, with all your loved ones and friends - see you in the New Year for more fun and games in a field somewhere, love and hugs xxxx

And .....It's Gone !!!! Sep 8th 2018

So, it's (almost) over - we've had a ball, thanks to everyone who worked for and with us through those glorious scorching Summer days, and to everyone who bought our lovely grub.

Hope to see you in a field somewhere next year - love hugs and toodle-pip all !!!!! xxx

Starting with a Bang !!! May 31st 2018

Well, start as you mean to go on - always !!!

Three fantastic gigs in our first weekend of the season, and all our staff, old hands and newbies alike, rose to the challenge !!!  

Thankyou everybody, we couldn't have asked for more - and on we go !! xx 

still fancy it ??? May 11th 2018

If you want festival work over the Summer but can only do a few weekends, it's still worth an email to 



to find out what's still available.

Not long to these three - we'll be feeding everyone at

Bearded Theory, BCDO and Neighbourhood Weekender

over the Bank Holiday - and that's just for starters!!

Why not join in the fun ??!!!!